OC Limousines - Top Four Reasons to Rent a Limo in Orange County

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Limousines offer the ultimate in luxury travel. The modern limousine has gone from being a royal vehicle to the most popular rental choice for special occasions of all kinds, from weddings to proms to weekend club-hopping. In this process the limousine has emerged as a cutting edge modern vehicle without losing any of its original glamour and appeal. There are many great reasons to rent a head-turning limousine for a special occasion anywhere, but Orange County has its own special flavor and vibe that make limousines such a popular choice of transport.

OC limousines are a great way to visit the county's best attractions. Orange County is famous for its tourism. Visitors have an overwhelming array of places and events to choose from. Anaheim's Disneyland Resorts and Knott's Berry Farm are only two of the most famous OC attractions. Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Richard Nixon Library and Crystal Cathedral are also perennial favorites, and the county is a shopper's paradise. There is no better way to visit and shop around Orange County than in the comfort of a limousine, which not only allows tourists to make the most of their OC experience but also to use the expertise of their limo company and driver to get acquainted with the city and exploit its best offerings.

OC limousines are the epitome of California's car culture. California is famous for its love of cars, and Orange County's limousines combine this love of personal transport with high demand and high income levels to offer the absolute best in exotic and cutting edge features. Californians like to drive everywhere, and Orange County residents like to drive everywhere in the best and trendiest. Orange County limousines are a killer combination of Californian car culture and the famous OC affluence. Models like the Hummer H2, the Chrysler 300 or the Cadillac Escalade may not have been designed in Orange County first, but few other places have embraced their exoticism and luxury the way OC has.

OC limousines enable visitors to fit right in with the city's rich and glamorous. One episode of the eponymous TV show "The OC" is enough to acquaint anyone with the affluence and extravagance that define Orange County. Nine communities in the County have an average annual household income over $100,000, and places like Villa Park, Anaheim Hills and Coto de Caza are some of the richest neighborhoods in the world. The county's young and glamorous are both highly visible and openly appreciative of affluence, and visitors will find it easy to fit in with the city's glitterati when they emerge out of a beautiful and decked out limousine.

OC limousines are the best alternative to the county's inadequate public transport. It is possible that California's homegrown car culture has emerged as a result of the state's public transport, which is woefully unequal to the task of providing transportation across its sprawling and confusing landscape. Orange County is an "urban suburb" with no defined center, and getting around its neighborhoods and affluent districts can be both challenging and intimidating for new visitors. When there is no real way to get around without a personal vehicle, why not choose the absolute best that Orange County has to offer?

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OC Limousines - Top Four Reasons to Rent a Limo in Orange County

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This article was published on 2010/04/02